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This database works in on-line system and includes the following rubrics:
Quontity of organizations - 100201      price-lists - 15919      positions - 367854
Brick and wallmaterialsBrick and wallmaterials19903443056398
Building machines, technology and the equipmentBuilding machines, technology and the equipment624986214039589
Cable, wireCable, wire220262725666267
Cement, dry compositesCement, dry composites31976575243456
Checking and measuring instrumentsChecking and measuring instruments225375314522256
Concrete, mortarConcrete, mortar20403233460416
Electrical engineeringElectrical engineering4551138933960410
Ferro-concrete itemsFerro-concrete items462673721952697
Ferrous metal, stainless steel, pipes, ferroalloysFerrous metal, stainless steel, pipes, ferroalloys6840125583601549
Finishing materialsFinishing materials4738133815915511
Lacquers, paintsLacquers, paints245268615369361
Loose materialsLoose materials20972381951394
Lumber, saw-timbers, linear materialsLumber, saw-timbers, linear materials21083966960451
Machine toolsMachine tools15422795127195
Nonferrous metalNonferrous metal11882058628137
Pipeline armaturePipeline armature4188110731760384
Roofing, thermal protection, damp courseRoofing, thermal protection, damp course4754108915852541
Sanitary engineering, heating, sewerage systemSanitary engineering, heating, sewerage system244076810236300
Transport servicesTransport services33463635220318
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