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Ferrous metal

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         The weekly price bulletin "Conjuncture of the markets". For today it is the first and the best high-operative combined price-list of the following production: Brick and wall materials, Building machines, technology and the equipment, Cable, wire, Cement, dry composites, Checking and measuring instruments, Concrete, mortar, Demand, Electrical engineering, Ferro-concrete items, Ferrous metal, stainless steel, pipes, ferroalloys, Finishing materials, Hardware, Lacquers, paints, Loose materials, Lumber, saw-timbers, linear materials, Machine tools, Nonferrous metal, Pipeline armature, Pumps, Roofing, thermal protection, damp course, Sanitary engineering, heating, sewerage system, Transport services. About 70 thousand offers more than on 500 pages are published every week in above mentioned rubrics. In 1998 the edition "Conjuncture of the markets" got the status of "The informational plenipotentiary of the Moscow Government".

         The directory "Conjuncture of the markets XXI century". The fullest and exact information about manufacturers and sellers of the goods and services in Russian building and industrial complexes (more than 30 rubrics). Here you can find the information about more than 30000 companies with their coordinates, phone and faxe numbers, addresses in INTERNET and e-mail. For those organizations, which place their price-lists on our site, the nomenclature of production on positions of the price-list is also published here. All the organizations are grupped to the regions, and the sellers are separated from the manufacturers. The volume of the edition is more than 800 pages, periodicity - 2 times a year, circulation 45 thousand copies.

         The monthly newspaper "The Building industry". The unique analytical information created on the basis of the All-Russia inter-industrial database - www. on all the rubrics presented at this site is published in the new version of the newspaper. The information on each company, which placed its price-list on our portal, is presented on the pages of newspaper in a tabular form. It shows the changes of the average prices of price-lists, and also the changes of assortment of the offered production for a month. Thus, the edition became the necessary appendix to our Internet-site, it essentially facilitated the work with a site and allowed to estimate operatively a situation in the market in this or that branch and on each separately taken organization. You have got an opportunity to find the suitable partner. You can also find here the materials about high technologies of construction, monitoring of the Internet-sites with the building subjects, comparative information about the cost of various production in regions of Russia, announcements of thematic exhibitions and many other things. The newspaper leaves once a month, volume - 24 strips, 8 color strips; format A-3; circulation - 40 000 copies.

         The directory "Technology, machines and the equipment in construction. The Europe-Russia".
        The Information is presented in three languages: Russian, German and English. The circulation of the edition is 21 000 copies (for the countries of the Europe) and 21 000 copies (for Russia).
       The creation of this unique international informational product became possible owing to the fact that two Publishing Houses -
Informational company "Marketing Souz" (Russia. It created the All-Russia inter-industrial database on a site and represents the researches of conjuncture of the industrial markets, directories, databases, monitoring of the prices) and Marketing agency LECTURA GmbH (Germany. It specializes on the analytical review of the market and exact information about prices on the building and special equipment of all known manufacturers for the last 15 years.) combined their efforts.
       Thus, for the first time the information of both Russian and European markets of building technology and the equipment is incorporated. The new directory consists of three basic sections:
  • Prices: The information is presented in the form of price-lists (sale/rent) on new and second-hand technology across Russia and the Europe (in Russian).
  • Reference information: Names of the companies, patterns of ownership of manufacturers and suppliers, post addresses, phones, faxes, email addresses, and internet-sites, brief lists of delivered technology.
  • Audit and valuation of second-hand building machines and technology: In German language.
       The Audience of the edition: The building organizations which carry out the initiating researches, road construction and arrangement; the leading construction and assembly firms which carry out the construction of centralized systems of water, gas and heat supplies, and have transportation management ; Manage companies and manufacturers of road and building technology; Companies which carry out the sale of road and building technology, machines and the equipment; The leasing, financial companies and banks; Forwarding companies, the largest ports, warehouse complexes, the companies working in logistics; The-industrial enterprises; Manufacturers and suppliers of spare parts; The technical centers.
       Distribution: The Europe: Germany, Benelux countries, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Slovakia, Czech Republic. 1100 manufacturers of building technology, machines and the equipment of Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands. Profile exhibitions, retail trade, thematic dispatch. Russia: Profile exhibitions, retail traid, thematic dispatch.

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