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Ferrous metal

   Marketing Souz
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   Joint-Stock Company "MARKETING SOUZ" is a publishing house, which is carrying out the informational and analytical activity in the field of industrial marketing, since 1993.
   The informational-publishing company "Marketing Souz" suggests you to place the information about your enterprise into the Inter-industrial database of Russian suppliers on our internet-portal
   The daily updated database works in on-line system and includes price-lists of 14000 enterprises and over 500000 positions from 25 rubrics with the detailed price information. Besides, placing the information on the site in the base of prices you automatically get in the base of organizations, which includes the phone-address information on 34500 enterprises of Russia.
   Having placed the price-list on our portal, you have an opportunity to carry out contacts to more than 90000 potential buyers every month (for today the attendance of the site is 4000-4500 constant users a day during the working days and 1000-1200 users a day on holidays).
   If you place the price-list on our portal, the expanded nomenclature of your enterprise made up by us according to the price-list of your company, will be automatically placed into the telephone-address reference book "Conjuncture of the Markets XXI century", which is published two times a year. We distribute the circulation of 45000 copies all over Russia at all the main specialized industrial exhibitions (more than 150 exhibitions a year), and also with the help of the direct dispatch to the branch enterprises and firms.
   Besides, the information on your enterprise will get at once in branch release on compact discs where the price database (price-lists of the organizations) and telephone-address base with the nomenclature of production are successfully combined on one carrier.
   The information on each organization from our portal has been also placed in the monthly newspaper "the Building Industry" (circulation 40000 copies) directly in its branch section (25 sections) since 2005.
   On occasion (such rubrics as ferrous metal, nonferrous metal, cable and wire, pipeline armature, hardware, etc.) you have an opportunity to place the price-list simultaneously being printed in the weekly price bulletin Conjuncture of the Markets (circulation 4000 copies).
   And, at last, in case of accommodation of your price-list, your information will be presented in special releases to the price bulletin "Conjuncture of the Markets" on concrete branch.
   Thus, if you place your price-list on our Internet-portal, you will be presented in all our authoritative editions which tens thousand organizations use all over Russia and the CIS countries. The long-term experience of work in the market of information in industrial and building spheres (since 1993) allows us to speak about high efficiency of accommodation of your information in our Database and in all the presented informational products.
   We offer the Russian manufacturers and sellers of production of industrially building purpose a full spectrum of services on promotion of the goods, both on internal, and on external the markets.

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