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This database works in on-line system and includes the following rubrics:
Quontity of organizations - 104970      price-lists - 6092      positions - 140518
Brick and wallmaterialsBrick and wallmaterials16451161353
Building machines, technology and the equipmentBuilding machines, technology and the equipment62525024553574
Cable, wireCable, wire2143131376294
Cement, dry compositesCement, dry composites26614402925422
Checking and measuring instrumentsChecking and measuring instruments22201258238
Concrete, mortarConcrete, mortar15521851536376
Electrical engineeringElectrical engineering460254311544421
Ferro-concrete itemsFerro-concrete items3573141054599
Ferrous metal, stainless steel, pipes, ferroalloysFerrous metal, stainless steel, pipes, ferroalloys528494062137523
Finishing materialsFinishing materials44867106097522
Lacquers, paintsLacquers, paints22561050345
Loose materialsLoose materials18151541075378
Lumber, saw-timbers, linear materialsLumber, saw-timbers, linear materials18761050427
Machine toolsMachine tools1730137824209
Nonferrous metalNonferrous metal12851767206169
Pipeline armaturePipeline armature421071319611385
Roofing, thermal protection, damp courseRoofing, thermal protection, damp course475771550567
Sanitary engineering, heating, sewerage systemSanitary engineering, heating, sewerage system24346456434305
Transport servicesTransport services32001871395320
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