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This database works in on-line system and includes the following rubrics:
Quontity of organizations - 99953      price-lists - 14960      positions - 340693
Brick and wallmaterialsBrick and wallmaterials17583082784362
Building machines, technology and the equipmentBuilding machines, technology and the equipment646583113796591
Cable, wireCable, wire206958323174260
Cement, dry compositesCement, dry composites29395944718435
Checking and measuring instrumentsChecking and measuring instruments217172114095242
Concrete, mortarConcrete, mortar18352722960398
Electrical engineeringElectrical engineering4544133233288404
Ferro-concrete itemsFerro-concrete items412563919375641
Ferrous metal, stainless steel, pipes, ferroalloysFerrous metal, stainless steel, pipes, ferroalloys5745111371205506
Finishing materialsFinishing materials4593128115333492
Lacquers, paintsLacquers, paints237364414622348
Loose materialsLoose materials20112181834389
Lumber, saw-timbers, linear materialsLumber, saw-timbers, linear materials20163676511433
Machine toolsMachine tools16872735093199
Nonferrous metalNonferrous metal12401968081144
Pipeline armaturePipeline armature4257106230695382
Roofing, thermal protection, damp courseRoofing, thermal protection, damp course439499314079499
Sanitary engineering, heating, sewerage systemSanitary engineering, heating, sewerage system245875410149299
Transport servicesTransport services33943615196318
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